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1394B And USB 2.0 Bridge Chip Speeds IDE Connectivity

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Combining an 800-Mb/s 1394B link layer and PHY controller with a 480-Mb/s USB 2.0 PHY, the OXUF922 programmable bridge chip provides a fully integrated solution for high-speed data streaming. Optimized for asynchronous applications, the device is particularly well suited to use in performance critical Mac or PC peripheral designs. Complying with the ATA6 high-density drive specifications, the chip’s 133-MHz IDE controller handles a data rate of 80 MB/s and assures compatibility with all magnetic, optical and compact flash media. In non-storage apps, the IDE interface can be reconfigured as a high-performance DMA host controller port. Controlling data flow through the device is an on-chip ARM7TDMI processor. Sample pricing for the OXUF922 is $15. For more information, contact James Lewis at OXFORD SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Mission Viejo, CA. (949) 348-1235.

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