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16-Bit ADC Samples At 333-KSPS Rate

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Said to be the industry's fastest 16-bit sampling A/D converter, LTC1604 can perform a complete conversion to 16-bit resolution in just 2.5 µs. The ADC draws only 220 mW from a ±5V supply and comes complete with a precision voltage reference, high dynamic range sample-and-hold, and a high-speed 16-bit parallel output. Its 90 dB signal-to-noise and distortion (SINAD) and -100 dB total harmonic distortion (THD) let it digitize wideband signals with high accuracy. Full-scale input range is ±2.5V to simplify connection to high-speed signal conditioning circuits. The device can acquire single-ended or differential input signals up to its 5 MHz bandwidth. The internal 2.5V precision reference with 10 ppm/°C temperature coefficient can be overridden by an external reference.

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