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16-Bit ADCs Target Handheld Instruments

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Two low-power, 16-bit A/D converters with the 2-wire MicroPort digital interface are said to be ideally suited for applications such as handheld instrumentation, consumer electronics, and portable equipment. The TC3403 and TC3404 delta-sigma converters operate from 1.8V to 5.5V and have conversion rates of 8 conversions/s at 16-bit resolution. This can be adjusted to 512 conversions/s at 10-bit resolution. The TC 3403 also has a microprocessor reset for power-on reset and brownout protection. Available in 16-pin PDIPs and QSOPs, the TC3403 and TC3404 are priced starting at $4.78 and $4.49 each/1,000, respectively.

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