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18-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs Offer 0.0015% INL

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With guaranteed 16-bit performance of 0.0015% INL at 480 SPS, MAX1400 and MAX1402 18-bit ADCs perform coarse measurements 10 times more quickly than alternative devices at conversion rates as high as 4800 SPS while maintaining 12-bit performance of 0.024% INL. The high accuracy makes the devices well-suited for applications requiring a wide dynamic range, such as industrial process control and pressure transducers. The ADCs operate from a 5V analog supply and 3V or 5V digital supply. Power consumption is 1.5 mW and 50 µW in shutdown mode. MAX1402 offers matched 200 µA current sources for sensor excitation and MAX1400 provides direct access to the ADC input for inserting additional signal conditioning circuitry.

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