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1U Servers Hoist High-Density Internet Loads

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Focusing on high-density Internet applications, the RS-100 1U-sized rack-mount servers feature dual Pentium III processors having speeds of up to 866 MHz. The servers also support up to 2 or 4 GB of SDRAM. Available units include the VF and RF models based on the VIA 133A and the RCC Serverworks 30LE chipsets, respectively.
Both models support a 133-MHz front side bus. The VF supports up to 2 GB and the RF up to 4 GB of PC-133 SDRAM via four DIMM sockets. Both servers support a wide range of I/O features that include: serial, parallel and USB ports; two IDE channels with support for up to four ATA devices; floppy and CD-ROM drive support; and a PCI expansion slot on a riser card. Other features include multiple device bays, four 10 CFM fans, and remote management and monitoring capabilities. Prices start from $1,980.

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