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2-mm Hard Metric Connectors Include Power Blades

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The ERmet power module (EPM) is designed to meet the IEC 950 finger probe safety requirements that makes these connector well suited for telecomm and instrumentation applications. The EPM can be used in conjunction with firm's ERmet 2 mm hard metric connector system and is compatible with DIN 41612 connector systems. The EPM is available in right-angle male and vertical female types. The 12 mm wide right-angle male provides up to three power contacts of 8A each. The male contacts come in three heights for early-mate, late-break hot swap applications. This connector complements the ERmet 2-mm hard metric signal connectors by providing the safety of a closed entry female receptacle on the backplane and the right-angle male header on the daughtercard. The 10-mm wide female module provides a reliable closed entry dual beam connection with three female contacts of 8A each in a reliable press fit configuration.

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