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2-mm Hard Metric Connectors Support H.110 Specification

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Supporting the ECTF H.110 and PICMG 2.5 specifications, a series of 2 mm Hard Metric connectors is for a computer telephony bus implementation on a cPCI backplane instead of ribbon cable. They support hot-swap insertion and meet the PICMG computer telephony specification. These connectors meet the IEC 61076-4-101 2 mm standards for pin density, electrical performance, shielding features, hot-swap capability, coding and compatibility with Eurocard subracks. Special features are proper isolation between voltages and different pin lengths for sequential mating in hot-swap applications. Supporting these standards and features are the firm's special ERmet connector design. Some contacts within the J4 connector have been removed and a split shield used to maintain the proper isolation; the J4 and P5 connectors provide a combination of early-mate, late-break pins to support system I/O and hot swap requirements.

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