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20-MHz Signal Generator Delivers Unique Array Of Waveforms

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In addition to the standard arsenal of signals, such as sine, square, ramp, triangle, and random waveforms, the Model 625A SmartARB arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) provides AM, FM, PM, SSB, FSK, BPSK modulation, DTMF generate and detect, voltage and power measurement, data, and word generation. Frequency bandwidth is from dc to 21.5 MHz in 0.01-Hz steps with an accuracy of ±10 ppm with ±5 ppm offered as an option. Output level is specified as 2 mVp-p to 5 Vp-p in 1-mV steps into 50 ½; and spectral purity from 100 kHz to 1 MHz is less than -45 dBc. The unit measures 5.1" x 9.3" x 10.2" and is priced at $1,425. BERKELEY NUCLEONICS CORP., San Rafael, CA. (415) 453-9955.

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