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24-Bit Stereo DAC Meets 192-kHz DVD Audio Standard

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The AD1853 is claimed as the industry's first stand-alone device to meet the 192-kHz audio sampling rate standard for DVD players. It combines proprietary data-conversion technology with the first multi-bit delta-sigma converter core to deliver significantly improved audio performance at every sampling rate from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz.The IC is a complete, single-chip stereo digital audio playback system. It provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB (A-weighted stereo) and 120 dB (A-weighted mono), not muted, at 48 kHz. Total harmonic distortion is rated at -104 dB or -107 dB for THD+N (stereo/mono). Stopband attenuation is 115 dB. The chip is programmable through an SPI-compatible serial control port. It's fully compatible with all known DVD formats and sample rates. In addition, it's backward-compatible by supporting the 50/15-µs digital re-emphasis intended for compact discs.

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