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2.6-GS/s Arbitrary Generator Serves Disk-Drive Developers

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With high-speed clock rates up to 2.6 Gsamples/s, the AWG 610 arbitrary waveform generator is said to be the fastest available stimulus for digital read-channel simulation. The instrument is especially well-suited for design and failure analysis of semiconductors and subsystems for magnetic and optical data storage products requiring read-channel design characterization up to 800 Mbits/s. The unit’s deep 8-Mbyte output memory also provides higher resolution for complete track simulations and affords longer signal playback times. A proprietary DAC is the key to the unit’s high output performance.In addition, an easy-to-use, application-focused graphical user interface enables designers to precisely create, modify and output standard and custom signals. Real-world signals, such as precise timing and jitter impairments, can be simulated using the instrument’s Region Shift capabilities. These signals are easily captured on a digital oscilloscope for playback.

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