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28-Channel Framing Chip Replaces Numerous Components

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Developed for high-density channelized T3 applications, the Lunar chip is a 28-channel framing device with an M13 multiplexer integrated into a single 204-pin BGA package. It is reportedly capable of terminating 350% more channels than any competing product on a per-device basis. This lets service providers terminate three times the number of customers without the penalty of site expansion. A single Lunar replaces seven quad, or four octal, DS1 framers and one M13 device. This means 80% fewer devices are required, thereby improving reliability and simplifying testing, diagnostics and monitoring. The Lunar's dual-mode DS1 interface can be configured to an advanced common octet, 8-bit, bus interface with optional robbed-bit signaling or to a more traditional 4-pin per DS1 interface.

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