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32-Bit RISC Processor Has PCI & Memory Controller

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Integrating both a memory controller and a PCI controller, the TMPR3927 is a 32-bit MIPS-based RISC processor that enables designers to reduce overall system costs by eliminating a separate PCI controller IC. The device operates at 133 MHz, making it well suited for networking, communication, storage, and data management applications.The processor has a 32-bit bus and includes a PCI controller, memory controller (SDRAM, ROM, flash and SRAM), direct memory access controller, timers, UARTs, and I/Os on a single chip. It has an 8-kbyte instruction cache and 4-kbyte data cache. Maximum power consumption at 133 MHz is 1.2W. Operating voltage is 2.5V for internal CPU operation and 3.3V for I/O operation. Real-time debugging is supported by on-chip debug unit logic using N-wire interfaces.

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