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32-Bit SPARC Processor Gets Overhauled And Resized

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Targeting aerospace applications, the TSC695E (SMD 5962-00540) 32-bit SPARC processor is a monolithic version of the ERC32, now available with improved performance specs. New features include higher speed, lowered power consumption to below 1.5W, a 70% reduction in size and weight compared to earlier versions, and better resistance to radiation. The device hosts an on-chip debugger for non-intrusive program execution control during software development and validation. The standard version of the TSC695E delivers up to 20 MIPS. It has single event upset (SEU) immunity and Total Dose tolerance in excess of 300 krads. Operating between 3V and 5.5V, the TSC695E is available in a 256-pin QFP or die form and can be delivered in accordance with QML Q&V and also to European standards. A complete set of development tools is also available.

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