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3.3V PLD Family’s Macrocell Count Is Boosted To 192

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Four new devices have been added to the rapidly expanding 3.3V SuperFAST High Density PLD family: the ispLSI 2192VE, offering 192 macrocells with 5-ns/180-MHz (Tpd/Fmax) performance; the 96-macrocell ispLSI 2096VE and 64-macrocell ispLSI 2064VE, boasting of 4.5-ns/200-MHz operation; and the ispLSI 2128VE, delivering 128 I/Os, 128 macrocells and 5-ns/180-MHz performance. The ispLSI 2000VE family is said to offer the fastest registered I/O timings of any 3.3V CPLDs at these density levels, with input-to-clock setup times (Tsu) to 2.5 ns and clock-to-output delays (Tco) to 3.0 ns. The devices also provide 5V-tolerant I/O pins. Programming times for SuperFAST devices have been reduced by >80%, with ispLSI 2000VE devices’ times pegged at less than two seconds.

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