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3.3V Version Of 5V BERT Operates From DC To 20 MHz

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The company's 5V DS2172 Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) is now available in a 3.3V version to accommodate the lower voltages new telecomm systems operate at. Working together with a microprocessor, BERTs are designed to check the integrity of signal transmissions in multiplexers, routers and other telecomm equipment. The 3.3V DS21372 BERT is pin-compatible with and retains the same features and functionality as the DS2172, but operates at speeds of from DC to 20 MHz versus up to 52 MHz for the 5V chip.
Like the 5V BERT, the DS21372 can generate loop-back patterns required by T1, Fractional T1, and other communications protocols. And both can generate repetitive patterns up to 32 bits long and can detect test patterns with bit error rates up to 10-2. The 3.3V BERT costs $7.25 each/1,000.

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