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3D Electromagnet Modeling Software Uses Actual Measured Characteristics

A 3D version of electromagnetic modeling software for simulating permanent magnet characteristics offers a powerful dedicated tool for developers of magnetic components and a very broad range of electrical and other equipment. Vector Fields' DEMAG software allows designers to optimize equipment designs by accurately simulating both the magnetization process and the subsequent demagnetization effects that might be encountered. The solver can model the recoil behavior of magnets and further demagnetization as a function of field and temperature history, factors that can significantly affect the service performance of devices.

DEMAG represents permanent magnet materials by interpolation from actual measured BH (magnetic induction and applied field) characteristics, and it can be configured to simulate any magnetic material. Rather than using a theoretical magnetization distribution, the true distribution is calculated from the properties of the magnetizing fixture. Consequently, the software can predict the performance of permanent magnets very accurately.

DEMAG runs as a module within the company's Opera computer-aided engineering package, which provides a complete 3D design-model-optimize tool chain to speed the design of components and systems incorporating electromagnetic materials. Once the magnetization of the model is calculated, it can be used in all other Opera modules — such as solvers for the design of rotating machines or linear actuators — to study and optimize the performance of the overall equipment. This allows designers to simulate and study the effects of service factors such as fault currents and high operating temperatures, for example. Elevated temperatures in particular can be a problem when trying to employ advanced magnetic materials such as neodymium iron boron.

Check with the company for price and availability. For more information on DEMAG, go to www.vectorfields.com.

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