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50-mm Chip Cooling Fan Meets Hot ICs Head-On

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The increased demands of the chip-cooling market are the impetus for the introduction of the 2004KL fan, a 50-mm unit that delivers up to 11 cfm and that can operate under static pressure levels up to 0.15" H2O. The unit also offers features such as optional tachometer output, locked-rotor alarm signal, and temperature-sensing options. It measures 50 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm deep.The fan’s ball-bearing design is said to allow it to be subjected to twice the amount of heat that other fans can handle without faltering. It also offers a low noise level that’s achieved by 100% balancing of the impeller assembly. Based on actual field test data, failure rate for the fan is less than 60 ppm. It also meets all UL/CSA, VDE and CE safetyrequirements. The fan is guaranteed to be free of workmanship and material defects and to have a life span of 75,000 hours. Price depends on features and volumes.

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