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5.08 mm Version Added To Line Of SMT Compatible PCB Pin Headers

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The new SL-SMT 5.08 mm pitch pin headers are designed to be fully integrated into the SMT production process. Using through-hole-reflow technology with these pin headers eliminates secondary manual or wave soldering operations, thereby saving time and reducing costs. The SL-SMT is offered in anti-static tape-on-reel or tray packaging and features a pick-and-place pad. The pin headers are made from high-temperature resistant, halogen-free liquid crystal polymer and can withstand the high temperatures experienced in the reflow soldering process. SL-SMT pin headers are available in 2- to 24-pole versions and are offered with open ends, closed ends, or with integrated flanges. List price for the SL-SMT 5.08 mm pin header is $0.16 per pole. WEIDMULLER, INC., Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.

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