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64-Bit Processors Open Path For Smooth System Upgrades

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Because they're superset pin-compatible with the company's existing 64-bit processors, the RC64474 and RC64475 RISController microprocessors provide an upgrade path for users of those earlier chips without having to redesign system hardware. The new 64-bit parts provide 3.3V operation with tolerance for 5V I/O, a JTAG interface, and an enhanced write mode to simplify support of sync DRAMsThe chips' large internal and external data bandwidth and rapid interrupt response make them suitable for communication applications, such as Layer 3 switches and routers, xDSL DSLAMs, firewall systems, and WAN access multiplexers. They're fully compatible with Windows CE, as well as with other key embedded RTOSs. Both implement the RISC III instruction-set architecture and sport 64-bit RISC CPUs with five-stage scalar pipelines.

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