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64-Bit RISC Processor Line Grows

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Running at speeds up to 333 MHz, the RC64574 and RC64575 are a pair of additions to the firm’s RISController line of 64-bit microprocessors. The devices are offered in speeds ranging from 200 MHz to 333 MHz and are pin-compatible with earlier CPUs based on the RISCore4000 architecture. They also are software compatible with the rest of the RISController line.The 333-MHz RC64575 delivers 440 Dhrystone MIPS and offers aggregate bandwidth of 6.2 GB/s. All operate at 2.5V with 3.3V tolerance and feature on-chip primary caches of 32 Kbytes each for data and instructions. The RC64574 offers a 32-bit external system interface bus, while the RC64575 carries a 64-bit interface bus for higher bandwidth. They’re also Windows CE-compatible and feature an on-chip floating-point accelerator.

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