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64-Bit Simulator Mimics AMD’s Hammer CPU

Now available is the first publicly available version of Simics/x86-64 LE, also known as VirtuHammer. The simulator allows software developers to write and test 64-bit programs for AMD's next-generation Hammer family of processors.

Virtutech's Simics software enables a standard x86 computer to simulate the operations of a 64-bit Hammer processor-based computer. This allows developers to use currently available technology to quickly and accurately test and debug their 64-bit software for AMD's next-generation processors, which are planned for commercial introduction in the first half of 2002.

Simics/x86-64 LE (Limited Edition) is priced at $4995 per year and can be ordered today. Virtutech will start shipping the product to customers in late February. The price of the Limited Edition is significantly lower than the full version of Simics, which starts at around $25,000 for a minimal installation.

Virtutech Inc.
www.virtutech.com; (408) 879-2606

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