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6U CompactPCI Card Contains Bulk CAM

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Introduced as the industry's fastest 6U CompactPCI card and the first to include bulk content addressable memory (CAM), the e.Card (UT505-cPCI-DX) hot swap, 6U CompactPCI card integrates the company's UTCAM-Engine CAM technology with 64-bit processor technology. The card, with two UTCAM-Engines, has a look-up capability of up to 10 million elemental database seeks per second. The UTCAM-Engine integrated circuits, running at 100MHz, deliver association matches in as little as 70ns.
Key features include up to 2 GB of CAM, a 250-MHz 64-bit MIPS processor, and up to 256 MB of system memory. An RS232 debug port is available on the unit's front panel. Typical power consumption is less than 25W when operating with 2GB of memory. Price is $5,495.

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