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7/16 Male Plug Features Low Intermodulation

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A new 7/16 male plug for .141" and .250" semi-rigid cable has a direct solder, one-piece center contact that conforms to DIN 47223, a soldered outer jacket, and less than -155 dBc intermodulation. Providing dielectric withstanding voltage of 4,000 VRMS and 50½ impedance, this 7/16 connector is designed for dc to 6 GHz operation at -65¼C to +165¼C. The plug has a brass body with silver or TruLustre plating, a beryllium-copper contact and Teflon insulators. The 7/16 male plug is priced from $8.90 each, depending upon quantity. For more information, contact Douglas E. Snader at TRU-CONNECTOR CORP., Pea-body, MA. (800) 262-9878.

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