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8-Bit A/D Converters' Low Distortion Serves Imaging Well

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The ADS830 (60 MHz) and ADS831 (80 MHz) are a pair of 8-bit A/D converters that feature near-ideal performance at 7.9 and 7.8 effective bits, respectively. The devices' high signal-to-noise ratios of 49 dB and low distortion give them the extra performance margin required in imaging applications.Both ADCs operate from a single +5V supply, perform well with a single-ended input, and can be operated with a differential input for added spurious performance. Both also include a high-bandwidth track-and-hold, a highly accurate internal reference, and an 8-bit quantizer. They allow users to disable the internal reference and use an external one for excellent gain and offset matching in multi-channel applications or where dc full-scale range adjustment is required.

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