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8-Bit RISC OTP MCUs Sport 12-Bit ADCs

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By incorporating sophisticated analog peripherals, the PIC16C773 and PIC16C774 RISC OTP microcontrollers enable designers to cut down on discrete logic and overall system cost. Both 8-bit OTP devices permit direct, precise links to the power supply and device under control.Both MCUs contain a ±3% voltage reference, ±3% brownout detection at 50-µA current, and programmable ±3% low-voltage detection. The integrated absolute voltage reference provides a stable supply for sensors and for ratiometric conversion from non-linear sensor waveforms. Both also contain a 10-channel, 12-bit A/D converter and 4k x 14 bits of OTP program memory. The µCs come in 28- and 40-pin PDIP and PLCC packages.

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