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8-Color Operator Panels Include Touch Model

product pic

Available with and without touch-screen, Model VT-308-colors-plus-shades graphics operator panels are configured with a high-speed (115-kbps) communication port and a through-port to make it easy to switch between PLC and VT-30 software without changing cables. And graphic libraries, such as3-D effect buttons, message panels, trend graphs, and3-D meters and lamps, help reduce program development time.Both versions of the 8-color operator panel feature a bright 5.7" LCD color screen with a wide, 120° viewing angle. The 6.22" x 4.96" x 2.05" panels also include alarm and operation time lists, built-in real-time clock, a 10-key or ASCI keypad, and flash memory for storing up to about 300 screens.

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