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8-Pin RISC MCU Is Augmented By EEPROM, ADC And Oscillator

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EEPROM data memory, a four-channel, 8-bit A/D converter, and an on-chip oscillator are all features of a pair of 8-bit RISC microcontrollers. The one-time-programmable PIC12CE673 and PIC12CE674 offer 1024 x 14 words and 2048 x 14 words of OTP program memory, respectively. Both MCUs also contain 128 bytes of SRAM and 16 bytes of EEPROM data memory for storage of critical system parameters. With OTP program memory, the devices are said to offer more than 20 times faster programming when compared with Flash-based MCUs for one program memory location (100 µs vs. 2.5 ms).The devices have six I/O pins, 35 single-cycle instructions (400 ns execution time), an 8-bit counter/timer with 8-bit programmable prescaler, and an on-chip 4-MHz clock oscillator. Maximum power draw is 2 µA.

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