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802.11 Wi-Fi IP Library Adds To System Design Suite

With the release of the WiFi 802.11b Library, Elanix has added IEEE 802.11b specification requirements to the existing 802.11a functionality, already provided through its SystemView Communication Design Suite.

The WiFi Library incorporates all IEEE 802.11b capabilities, enabling easy design and simulation of WiFi systems. Support at both frame-generation and individual component levels allows rapid analysis of different design approaches, accelerating the design and implementation process. The WiFi 802.11b Library provides great enhancement to SystemView for wireless communication simulation and design. The library includes low-level functional blocks for individual modulators/demodulators as well as high-level 80211b packet generation. Features designated as optional in the IEEE 802.11b specification are fully supported in the WiFi Library, including Packet Binary Convolutional Coding (PBCC), Short Physical Layer Protocol Data Units (PPDU) format, and channel agility (frequency hopping).

Library tokens, representing functional blocks, are available for each of the WiFi modulation schemes, for 802.11-specific models, and for the efficient generation of 802.11 frame sequences. List price for the library is $1995.

Elanix Inc.
www.elanix.com; (800) 535-2649

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