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8051 Development Suite Adds Si Labs C8051F7xx Support

The Crossware 8051 Development Suite has added support for Silicon Laboratories recently introduced C8051F7xx family of high-pin-count, touch-sensing microcontrollers. Improvements to the suite include wizard, simulation, debugging, compiler extensions, and pre-configuration. These enhancements accelerate development and cut time-to-market. The code-creation wizards provided for all on-chip peripherals can generate configuration code, interrupt routines, and application code. The simulator simulates the 8051 core itself as well as many of the on-chip peripherals. This allows a developer to use the simulator to immediately test the code created using the wizards. The simulator can also be extended using the Virtual Workshop Interface, allowing developers to construct a simulation of their complete target system. Switching to on-chip debugging allows the developer to exploit the debugging capabilities integrated into the C8051F7xx chips and run programs interactively on the target hardware. CROSSWARE, Cambridge, UK. (360) 812-2397.


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