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AC Inlet/Outlet Connector Has Built-In Ground Clip

The new IEC 320 AC inlet/outlet connector features a built-in ground clip that furnishes direct cabinet grounding, thereby elimination the need for a separate ground wire or connection. These grounded ac receptacles mate with all industry-standard IEC power cord sets. They also save space inside enclosures and improve product quality by reducing the number of assembly operations. The contacts and ground clip are made of copper alloy with a bright tin plating. The insulator is black polycarbonate and carries a 94V-0 rating. Electrical characteristics include a maximum operating voltage of 250 Vac at a maximum current of 15A. Contact resistance is 20 milliohms maximum with an insulation resistance of 1000 M ohm at 1500 Vac. Operating temperature range is -65°C to 125°C.

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