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Active Load-Pull Solution Tests RF Devices

The MB series is the first commercially available active load-pull solution, according to its manufacturer. The system uses a new measurement architecture to evaluate rf waveforms, power spectrum, s-parameters, and DCIV with unconditional stability and no wideband artifacts. The MB 20 tests devices and power amplifiers up to 20 W CW, while the MB 150 extends the power level up to 150 W CW. The company’s “Waveform Engineering,” pioneered at Cardiff University, enables the replication of s-parameter concepts within the nonlinear domain. The solution simultaneously measures the actual current and voltage at the device, allowing designers to view and engineer their waveforms to match theory. The system uses a Tektronix sampling scope to enable simultaneous wideband measurements with a coherent alignment of all spectral components, including the fundamental and multiple higher-order harmonics. Additionally, the system measures the dc and baseband response, essential in capturing the often seen memory effects in devices. The MB series includes a comprehensive user interface facilitating complete measurement automation and an intuitive introduction of waveform engineering. The system’s modular design offers easy upgradability for higher power, additional harmonics, lower frequencies, and other changes in requirements. MESURO LTD., Cardiff, UK. (888) 666-4131.

Company: MESURO LTD.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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