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A/D Converter Seeks Wireless Communications Apps

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Suited for wireless communications and video applications, the SPT7862 is a low-power, dual 10-bit, CMOS a/d converter that works at 40 MSPS. The device is said to use up to 50% less power than comparable dual ADCs and about 20% less power than two single-channel ADCs. Its 40 MSPS sampling rate leaves it suited for communications, medical imaging and video. The chip features separate single-ended TTL clock inputs for each converter channel that allows it to operate over a wide range of clock duty cycles without degrading dynamic performance. A typical input bandwidth of 250 MHz makes the chip suitable for direct IF down-conversion in certain communications applications. Available in a small 64-lead TQFP package, the device is priced at $8.20 each/1000.

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