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A/D Converter Works At 20 MSPS

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Targeted at imaging, high-speed communication, and instrumentation applications where wide bandwidth, good linearity and high dynamic performance are required, the MAX1425 is a 10-bit, monolithic bipolar a/d converters with 20 MSPS digitizing rate. The device achieves a full 61 dB SINAD and 72 dB SFDR at 2 MHz input frequency. Operating from a single 5V supply, the chip achieves this performance over a ±2V input range through the use of a fully differential pipeline architecture and an advanced 0.6µm CMOS process. An integrated, fully differential input track/hold amplifier provides wideband dynamic performance with a low 5 pF input capacitance and a 150-MHz full-power bandwidth. The device features an on-chip precision 2.5V bandgap reference that supplies additional reference voltages. Available in a 28-pin SSOP package, the chip is priced from $3.95 each/1000.

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