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Adapter Accepts CompactFlash Devices

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The CompactFlash Type II adapter is used to convert CF Type I and Type II devices such as IBM's new microdrive, touted as the world's smallest and lightest hard disk, into a Type II PC Card. The drive is a removable 340-MB disk housed in a CF Type II package. Other CompactFlash applications that can use the adapter include memory, FAX/modem cards, LAN and Ethernet cards, wireless communication systems, or any other adaptation of CF Type I or Type II cards into a Type II PC Card format.A spring-loaded shutter mechanism protects the 50-pin host header after CF cards are removed. This system includes cam-activated locks that prevent users from simply pushing the protective shutter open. Only the insertion of a CompactFlash card de-activates the lock and allows the shutter to open. In addition, the adapter features a rugged frame kit that's easily assembled in less than 10 seconds using inexpensive assembly equipment, it's claimed.

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