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Adapter Links PCI And VME Systems

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Consisting of one short-form PCI card and one 6U VMEbus card, Model 2706 NanoBridge adapter supports high transfer rates (40 MB/s), low latency (1.97 ┬Ás), fiber-optic interface to 650 meters, D64 VMEbus data widths, and concurrent data transfer from both buses simultaneously. These features are beneficial to image processing, data collection, digital signal processing, process control, and other applications requiring high bandwidth, low latency, and/or large data block transfers between PCI and VME systems. In addition, the VME adapter card provides system controller function in slot 0, thereby eliminating the need for a VMEbus system controller or processor. Fiber-optic cabling comes in standard lengths of 10 and 25 meters and in custom lengths up to 650 meters.

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