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Adapter Provides Snap-In Front Panel Mounting

product pic

The 62CS Mounting Adapter accommodates any 2100 Series sub-panel pushbutton lighted switch and provides easy snap-in front panel mounting into a 0.75 in2 hole for housing of a 5/8" button. For dimensions just above and below these specifications, other adapter models meet 7/8" hole size requirements for 3/4" buttons and 5/8" hole size requirements for 1/2" buttons.
Molded from all plastic black Lexan, the adapter typically mates with switches rated at 2A resistive, 1A inductive at 30 Vdc or 125 Vac. Pricing for the mounting adapters (not including switch) is set at $3.00 each/100. Delivery is 8 weeks ARO.

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