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ADC Eliminates Crystals, Calibration Routines & Additional Circuitry

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Touted as the most accurate and the smallest 24-bit a/d converter on the market, the LTC2400 operates without crystals, software or additional configuration circuitry to help simplify design, reduce product size and shorten development cycles. The chip's absolute accuracy is less than 10 ppm and its SO-8 package is said to be 1/4 the size of competing parts. It's well-suited for products such as digital voltmeters, scales, temperature or pressure sensors, process control equipment, or other applications that demand precise measurement of slow-moving inputs.The chip has integral non-linearity of 2 ppm and offset of 1 ppm with drift of 0.01 ppm/°C. Full-scale error is within 4 ppm with drift 0.02 ppm/°C. The device automatically performs offset/full-scale calibration transparent to the user and includes an on-chip oscillator, a pin-selectable 50-Hz/60-Hz notch frequency filter, and a 4th-order sync filter that allows 120 dB rejection of line frequencies ±2%.

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