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ADC Enables Direct IF Sampling In Wireless Apps

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Direct IF sampling in wireless communications applications is possible with the AD9226, a 12-bit, 65-MSPS A/D converter that simplifies system design and increases data rates. The ADC enables direct IF sampling in applications such as next-generation cellular base station and software radio applications. And it has the ability to digitize wideband signals with effective number of bits (ENOB) performance greater than 11 bits. It dissipates 475 mW of power from a 5V single supply. It also features 750-MHz full-power input bandwidth, pin-compatibility with AD922X family products, an on-chip sample/hold amplifier, clock duty cycle stabilizer, and out-of-range indicator. The converter is priced at $18.55 each/1,000 in either a 28-lead shrink small outline or 48-lead LQFP packages.

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