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ADC Family Combines Pipeline Structure And DEC

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Incorporating a pipeline structure coupled with digital error detection (DEC), the TSAxxxx family of a/d converters is fabricated in 0.25 µm CMOS technology and operates from a single 2.5V supply with a 2 Vp-p input range. The TSA0801 is an eight-bit device capable of sampling rates up to 40 Msamples/s with a power consumption of 40 mW.
Designed for portable applications, the TSA1001 is a 10-bit device with a 25 Msamples/s rate and a power consumption of 35 mW. Another 10-bit chip, the TSA1002 samples at up to 50 Msamples/s and consumes 50 mW. Each device measures 7 mm2 in a TQFP and includes a built-in reference and external references can be used as required. Prices are $2.15 for the TSA0801, $2.95 for the TSA1001, and $5.95 for the TSA1001, each/100,000.

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