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ADC Macrocells Run At High Speeds

Four new a/d converter macrocells are available for embedding in CMOS designs where precise, high-speed operation (up to 60 MHz) at low power is critical. The 8-, 10-, 12-, and dual 6-bit designs are available for licensing by manufacturers who need a/d conversion modules as elements in new VLSI designs, or who want to upgrade the converters in existing designs. The macrocells find applications in video, audio, and wireless signal processors and are designed with an eye toward low power requirements, small silicon areas, and mainstream CMOS compatibility and scalability for ease of embedding into VLSI digital signal processing chips. The dual 6-bit design and the 10- and 12-bit designs all use an SAR architecture and MOS servo-loop circuitry to achieve high speed and high precision. All four converter macro blocks accept TTL inputs and provide CMOS or TTL outputs. Call for pricing.

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