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ADC Said To Be Industry's Smallest 16-Bit

Packaged in an 8-pin MSOP, ADS8320 is said to be the industry's smallest 16-bit ADC and is designed for industrial data acquisition and instrumentation applications. Using only 1.8 mW at the maximum 100 kHz sampling rate, power dissipation is reduced to less than 0.3 mW at 10 kHz. This device has a power-down mode that reduces supply current to 3 µA maximum. With its ultra-low power and small size, this ADC is well-suited for battery operated systems, remote data acquisition, simultaneous multi-channel systems, and isolated data acquisition. This device is pin-compatible with standard 8-pin, 12-bit ADCs to let designers drop-in higher resolution and performance. Operation is from 2.7V to 5V with synchronous serial SPI/SSI interface and less than 20 VRMS noise. A differential input reduces noise interference and reference voltage can be set to any level within the range of 0.5V to VCC.

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