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ADC Samples At Up To 192 kHz

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Self proclaimed as the industry's highest performance a/d converter, the AK5394 24-bit, two-channel device features a dynamic range of 123 dB and samples at rates up to 192 kHz. Designed to consume less than 600 mW, the converter also includes 128x oversampling. A recently developed delta-sigma modulator is cited as being responsible for the 123-dB performance and a dynamic range twice that of previous enhanced dual-bit systems. The device is near pin-compatible with the AK5393, a 24-bit stereo a/d converter with 96 kHz sampling and 117 dB performance. Other features include fully differential inputs, operating voltages of 5V analog and 3.3V digital, and a 24-bit digital filter. Available in a 28-pin SOP, pricing is $30 each/1,000.

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