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ADSL Modem Chipset Is First To Ride Universal Serial Bus

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The RapidSurf BMAX chipset is claimed as the industry's first devices for the design of ADSL modems that connect to PCs using the Universal Serial Bus (USB). They'll facilitate the design of low-cost USB modems that bring high-speed ADSL Internet access to consumers. The chips are capable of full-rate connections with data transfers of 8 Mb/s to the PC and 640 kb/s from the PC. They're also fully compatible with the G.lite standard. USB modems greatly simplify the process of connecting a PC to an ADSL link. Installation is a two-cable affair that involves plugging the modem into the USB port on the computer and plugging the other end of the modem into the ADSL line.In the set are three devices: a USB/Utopia interface with embedded controller (I90368), a digital DMT modem/ATM framer (I90135) and an analog front end (I80134). Also included is software that consists of drivers to provide the control function for the I90135 IC and an API that makes it easier for OEMs to write code for management functions.

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