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ADSL Modem Chipset For PCs Turbocharges Net Surfing

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PC users will be able to surf the Internet up to 30 times faster than is currently possible with 56-kbps modems once they've got modems based on the SAM ADSL modem chipset. Claimed as the industry's first ADSL modem chips optimized for PCs, set-top boxes, notebook computers and PDAs, the chips are fully compliant with the G.Lite and ANSI T1.413 standards. They are designed for interfacing with 300-MHz Pentium II host CPUs and will support future generations of Intel processors. The chipset can achieve downstream transfer rates up to 1.5 Mbps and upstream transfer rates of 384 kbps in accordance with the G.Lite standard.The chipset is comprised of the IX9816 digital IC and IX8134 analog front end IC and also includes host software that is provided on diskette as assembled Windows 98 object code- the software performs the high-level ADSL processing functions and communicates to the IX9816 chip by means of a PCI interface.The IX9816 IC uses a state-machine architecture to perform partial ADSL modulation functions and FFT and IFFT processing. It uses a proprietary interface to connect to the IX8134 front-end chip. There's also a standard link to third-party 56-kbps (V.90) host modem chips. The IX8134 IC uses two 12-bit DACs and a set of filters to shape outgoing ADSL waveforms. Incoming waveforms are isolated with filters and processed by a 13-bit ADC.

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