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ADSL Network Simulator Mimics Internet

Claiming to be the industry's first complete ADSL network simulator, the Liberator allows developers to connect into a simulated Internet to develop, test and demonstrate their ADSL products over a network in a controlled environment. The compact unit provides a complete network by simulating a DSL network from the phone jack to the phone company and finally into the Internet. Capable of being set up in 30 minutes, according to the company, the simulator weighs only 9 lb. and replaces three complex network elements: DSL access multiplexor (DSLAM), service node, and Internet server. The Liberator platform has a modular architecture so that other DSL/broadband technologies can be added. And it also supports use of new DSL chipsets through replacement of a small interface card. In addition, software binaries can be downloaded to support new development tools or the latest network protocols. Single-unit price is $15,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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