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ADSL POTS Splitter Inductor Speed Net Access

Designed for use in high-speed circuitry supporting ADSL or broadband applications with Internet technology, the Series 500 ADSL POTS splitter inductors feature a dc line current up to 80 mAdc and a dielectric strength of 850 Vdc for one second. Interwinding capacitance ranges from 1.6 nF to 360 pF and dc resistance values range from 1.8½ to 6.5½ at 20ûC ±10%. Available in surface-mount or through-hole configuration, surface-mount inductors measure 12.32 mm in height and 13.46 x 17.65 mm and through-hole versions measure 12.7 mm high and 13.89 mm x 13.97 mm. Temperature ranges from 0ûC to 85ûC. Price is $1.20 each/10,000. DATATRONICS, Romoland, CA. (909) 928-7700.

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