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Amp Optimized For WLAN Apps

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Designed for use in 3.5-GHz fixed wireless systems, the AL108-338 GaAs PHEMPT switchable-gain LNA yields low noise, high gain and powerful P1dB performance. Housed in a surface-mount, QFN-16, 4 x 4 MMIC package, the amplifier matches input and output to 50 ohms and has a 3.2-3.8 GHz frequency range, adjustable gain, +7 dBm output power, +17 dBm output IP3, and 2.7 dB noise. And powered by a 5V supply, the AL108-338 amp provides a 10 dB gain adjustment range. Price: $1.45 each/100K. More technical data and app notes are available from ALPHA INDUSTRIES INC., Haverhill, MA. (978) 241-7000.

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