Electronic Design

Analog Design Web Site Adds New Tools

The Analog eLab Design Center web site by Texas Instruments now includes the new SwitcherPro power-supply design tool and a new release of the TINA-TI 7.0 simulation environment. The web site, found at www.ti.com/analogelab, is a one-stop location where designers can learn, select, design, and simulate with resources that make it quicker and easier to achieve results with the company's high-performance analog products.

SwitcherPro helps designers create both internally and externally compensated dc-dc power supply designs and analyze circuit performance. The tool, the latest in TI's Pro Series, features an interface that lets users work with multiple designs simultaneously. The TINA-TI 7.0 simulation environment includes a comprehensive schematic editor and Spice simulator for mixed-signal circuit analysis with PSpice syntax compatibility. The tool allows for optimized convergence algorithms for faster power management simulations and also offers behavioral elements support.

A tour of the Analog eLab Design Center and a technical presentation of the SwitcherPro design tool were featured on TI's Analog eLab Webcast last month. To view this and other Analog eLab Webcasts, visit www.ti.com/analogelab.

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