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Analog & Digital Modules Suit Industrial Automation

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The SNAP I/O line of analog and digital I/O modules has been expanded to include isolated analog types and new digital units. The analog line has been enhanced with channel-to-channel isolated input modules and higher density four-channel input types. The digital line introduces a self-powered, switch-status module and new channel-to-channel isolated output modules.All modules offer control-to-field side and module-to-module optical isolation, providing transient protection for sensitive electronics from real-world industrial field signals. Among the new analog modules are the SNAP-AIMA-i, an isolated, two-channel current input module with a range of ±20 mA. The SNAP-AITM2-i is an isolated two-channel module that accepts eight different thermocouple types. Digital units include the SNAP-IDC5SW, a four-channel, contact status input type for many applications including reed switches.

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