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Analog Switch Products Feature Fault Protection

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Rail-to-rail signal handling is offered by a family of analog switch products that include fault-protected analog switches, muxes, and signal-line protectors. Specifically, the fault-protected devices include quad single-pole/single-throw switches (MAX4511/4512/4513), 8-channel and dual 4-channel multiplexers (MAX4508/4509), and three or eight in-line protectors (MAX4506/4507). The products provide ±40V of input protection with power off and up to ±36V of overvoltage protection during power-up or power-down. The terminals become open circuits during a fault condition, allowing only nanoamps of leakage into the source. To ensure unambiguous outputs, the switch output clamps to the appropriate supply voltage and delivers as much as 10 mA of proper polarity load current during a fault condition. The switch products are available in 8-pin DIP/narrow-SO/SSOP, 18-pin DIP/SO, and 20-pin SSOP packages.

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